Binaural 05 | Water

This release consists of small scale performances of splashes, bubbles, drips and more which I tried to capture as big as possible. I say small scale as everything was recorded in the studio with a bucket full of water and a few other props. I setup the dummy vertically with it's face above the water. Several times things got a bit out of hand resulting in water getting on the floor and the dummy getting splashed in the face. Luckily both the floor and the dummy survived.

Recorded With: Fostex FR-2 - DIY Dummy Head (EM158) @ 24 Bit / 96 kHz

Water contains 139 sounds including splashes, bubbles, dripping, movement, squiches and more. Check the PDF file listing for the full list. Metadata has been added to each file using Wave Agent by Sound Devices which should translate well to most applications which can read metadata.

This library is classified as binaural recordings according to the Binaural Audio ID standard. More information about the Binaural Audio ID can be found here.

Sounds: 139 - Unzip Size: 431MB - Price: Free

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