Binaural 04 | Metal Scratch

This fourth library of The Binaural Collection consists of metal scratches. The recipe for this pack was simple: a metal housing from a deceased tape deck and a few sharp and blunt objects to ruin the surface of the housing. I tried to capture all the nuances of the sounds and make the sounds as big as possible without any additional processing so I close mic’ed them with the front perspective of my dummy head. All sounds are recorded and edited @ 24 Bit, 96 kHz.

Recorded With: Fostex FR-2 - DIY Dummy Head (EM158) @ 24 Bit / 96 kHz

Metal Scratch contains a variety of metal scratches. Check the PDF file listing for the full list. This time I also embedded metadata to the files with BWF MetaEdit. However, I’m not sure about the compabilty with apps who can read metadata (Pro Tools, Soundminer, etc.) I would appreciate to hear your findings.

This library is classified as binaural recordings according to the Binaural Audio ID standard. More information about the Binaural Audio ID can be found here.

Sounds: 126 - Unzip Size: 128MB - Price: Free

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