Binaural 03 | Household Motors

This third instalment of The Binaural Collection contains recordings of small motors of common household devices such as blenders, juicers, drills etc. During this recording session I've tried to capture the sounds from three listening perspectives: stationary front, stationary rear and a moving perspective where the sound moves around the stereo field/listeners head. The front and rear perspectives sound very similar as the sounds were recorded close to the microphones. All sounds are recorded and edited @ 24 Bit, 96 kHz.

Recorded With:Focusrite Saffire LE - DIY Omni Mics (EM158) @ 24 Bit / 96 kHz

With Binaural 03 I Household Motors you get 233 recordings of turning on and turning off of small motors in three perspectives. Check the PDF file listing for the full list of all the sounds.

The recordings of Binaural 03 | Household Motors can be best classified as spatial or near-binaural according to the Spatial Audio ID standard. More information about the Spatial Audio ID can be found here.

Sounds: 233 - Unzip Size: 637MB - Price: Free

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