Binaural 05 | Water released + EULA revision

This new pack consists of recordings of water. Small scale performances of splashes, bubbles, drips and more which I tried to capture as big as possible. The dummy got splashed in the face many times during the process, but in the end came out unharmed. More info here...

Further more, upon a request I decided to extend the licensee rights of the End User License Agreement. Users now have the right, under certain conditions, to build instruments (Kontakt, SFZ etc.) with the samples and share these instruments with other people. Please read the full license for more information on the conditions. This new license also applies to all previous free soundpacks. The full version of the new EULA can be found here...

Binaural 04 | Metal Scratch out now!

This fourth library of The Binaural Collection consists of metal scratches. The recipe for this pack was simple: a metal housing from a deceased tape deck and a few sharp and blunt objects to ruin the surface of the housing. All @ 24 Bit / 96 kHz... click here!

The Binaural and Spatial Audio ID

The Binaural Audio ID and the Spatial Audio ID is an initiative by Kall Binaural Audio to easily identify binaural recordings. This system was started due to alot of confusion of the listeners between the differences of binaural audio recordings, near-binaural “spatial” recordings, and standard stereo recordings.

All existing and forthcoming ONGELEGEN releases for the Binaural Collection will be identified by one of these two logo's. More info on these ID's and their logo's can be found here or on the website of Kall Binaural Audio at Binaural Audio ID and Spatial Audio ID.

Binaural 03 | Household Motors available now!

It's been a while since the last pack, but number 3 is finally here. This third installment of The Binaural Collection contains recordings of small motors of common household devices such as blenders, juicers, drills etc. You get 233 sounds / 637 MB of motor revs.
All @ 24 Bit / 96 kHz... click here!

Binaural 02 | Aluminum Cans is here!

Binaural 02 | Aluminum Cans is the 2nd soundpack from the Binaural Collection. During this recording session alot of cans were tortured and mutilated to bring you some very unusual, but interesting sounds. You get 250 sounds / 311 MB of dropping, hitting, tearing and bending!
All @ 24 Bit / 96 kHz... click here!

Binaural 01 | The Balloon is released!

Binaural 01 | The Balloon is available! I'm proud to announce the first soundpack from the Binaural Collection. To celebrate the launch, the first soundpack consists of sounds of party balloons. You get 152 sounds / 179 MB of inflating, deflating, squealing balloons and more!
All @ 24 Bit / 96 kHz, oh and did I mention it's free... click here!